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How the webinar works

  • Sessions will take place on Thursday afternoons at 3 pm Central European Time / 2 pm British Time Zone

  • 2 presentations (a 25 min) per session followed by Q&A

  • The webinar will use the ‘Zoom’ platform - . Zoom is a free to use application for video conferences, similar to Skype. The application allows to share your presentation with participants. Online tutorials for the application are available.

  • Interested participants only require a link to join the presentation, which will be distributed via the registration e-mail list

  • To participate the zoom application has to be started using the Zoom-link provided per e-mail before the session

  • The lectures will be recorded and uploaded to increase the visibility and audience beyond the live sessions

What you need to participate

  • A computer with an internet connection

  • Registration per e-mail or online form

  • Zoom application

How to use Zoom

   For listeners:

  • Download the video conferencing application Zoom

  • Join a presentation session by clicking on the link provided by e-mail before each session

  • Please turn off your microphone and camera when you are joining as a listener - this can be selected after clicking the meeting link

  • If you are unsure how to use Zoom please watch a suitable tutorial - e.g. this one


   For speakers:

  • Your presentation will be visible to others by sharing your computer screen with the audience

  • Ensure that your camera and microphone are in good working conditions prior to your presentation

  • If you are unsure about using zoom as a speaker, watch a tutorial or send a message to c.wurzer

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